Why work with Sabina?

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My art & design skills are unique to me
The way I am able to capture an essence of a subject is unique to my taste and endless hours of practice.

I am trained in design-thinking
I graduated from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Design. I look at the whole picture, considering the composition, colour scheme and harmony.

I continue to develop as a professional
I always look for new ways to develop my skills as a professional. I believe in life-long learning.

You can trust me
I communicate the progress throughout the entire process, so if something doesn’t look right, we catch it early and edit it to your liking. I try not to make mistakes, but if mistakes happen I make it right and try again. That’s part of being human, right?

Client shortlist: Cartier, Links of London, Saks Fifth Avenue, Cashmere, NKPR, SisterMAG, QuadReal