Resources for illustrators

These are sources that have helped me so much over the course of my career so far, and I know they will be helpful to you too.

Business plan template (basic):

This business plan template has been kindly provided by Nina Maric of Chic on Paper. Unfortunately for me, I’m not much an organized/business oriented creative, so I rely on some help from dear friends to help me stay on top of these areas.


For support, financial advice, and other helpful resources like portfolio reviews and illustration events, the AOI is a must. You can feature your portfolio on their website with a membership and get access to limitless information that is so incredibly helpful.


Having a clean, beautiful and modern website as a working illustrator is a MUST. I have tried out so many platforms and always come back to Squarespace. They make it easy to have a stunning website that is clean, easy to navigate and perfect for portfolio displaying purposes. You can also have an online shop, set up automated newsletters, see analytics and more with the platform. I can’t recommend enough.


These are some of my favourite books that have helped me so much so far. Each one of them is worth the investment.

How to Get Illustration Clients - Alex Mathers

The Indispensable Illustrator - Alex Mathers

Graphic Artists Guild Handbook

How to Sell Your Art Online - Cory Huff

Becoming a Successful Illustrator - Derek Brazell & Jo Davies

Print on Demand

When you’re just getting started, it can be hard to figure out how to make art prints or create products if that’s something you want to do. Print on Demand websites are a great place to start and can create some great passive income as the years go by.




Etsy Digital Downloads

Other resources:

WeTransfer (use this website to send large files to clients, this should become a staple)

Google Sheets (keep track of client lists, invoices and more with Google Sheets)

Wave App (I don’t personally use this, but it’s a great free resource to manage accounting)

Creative Pep Talk Podcast (I recommend this podcast to everyone! Listen to episodes while you work)

Being Freelance Podcast (Also a great podcast for creatives, not super specific to illustration but has a lot of great info)

Honest Designer’s Show (A refreshing take on what it’s like to be a designer these days)