Products I use & Love

It can be so confusing to figure out what supplies you’ll need when you’re just getting started, so here’s a shortlist of my favourites. Most of these are quite affordable. Ps, I know these are all Amazon links, that’s just because I buy lots of my stuff on Amazon, they are not sponsored links.

Watercolour Paper

I love using the Bee Paper Company’s big watercolour roll. It’s cost efficient and the quality is absolutely amazing for gouache and watercolours. Buying paper in a large roll also helps you offer more size options for custom client paintings.

Watercolour Paints

The Kuretake watercolour paints are so creamy and lovely. I like that I can layer them on quite thick or keep them thin and watery. They’re very smooth, and I love the colours for beautiful botanicals.

Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 9.16.36 PM.png

Gouache Paints

Arteza makes affordable and great quality gouache paints. I can use these with lots of water for more of a watercolour look, or thicker for a painterly look. I bought the largest set, which comes with 60 paints, so I don’t have to mix paints as much and waste them. Quick tip: put your gouache paints in an empty watercolour palette (I have this one) and wet them to use when you’re on the go!

Sketching Paper

Now when I say sketching, I mean practise paper. But you can also use this paper to sketch. I love having paper that is inexpensive to practise on, then I don’t feel bad about ruining the sheets, and sometimes the pieces actually turn out quite nice and I’ll keep them. It’s good to have a low-end paper on hand to try things out so you don’t have to buy as much of the nice stuff.

This is my drawing board

This is my drawing board

Kneaded Eraser

If you’re painting and sketching by hand, you need one of these. It guarantees no gross eraser marks and you don’t have to push as hard on the paper to erase the pencil marks which preserves the quality of the paper. Also, when you’re ready to paint, you can lightly erase the pencil lines so they don’t show through your paints. It’s my secret weapon!

Drawing Board

Since I work with water, I use watercolour paper most of the time instead of canvases. Drawing boards are great to stand on your easel in order to paint without hunching your back over.


I use synthetic brushes because I like to avoid harm to animals in all the ways I can. When you’re starting, you should have one small detailing brush (I love the Winsor & Newton 00 brush!) one medium size brush and one large round brush.


I use the Epson Perfection V550 scanner, it’s amazing. I can scan up to 6400 dpi and the colours come out just right.