Literacy Day Murals

In September 2019, I was commissioned by a property group called QuadReal and Megan Wappel Designs to create 3 separate mural designs that would be printed on vinyl wallpaper for a library installation at three of their properties in the Financial District of Toronto.


With only 3 days to complete the project, I worked around the clock on the 1:10 scale illustrations and reused some of the elements in the murals in order to be more efficient as well as to unify them. I painted the background separately from the people so we could place the people on top of the background and move them around in case they ended up on a door or in a corner since it would wrap around most walls of the rooms.

The murals were paired with sofas and bookshelves full of books so passers-by could come and enjoy the space, grab a book to read and take a break from their busy day.

Please click on the images below for viewing

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