Editorial Illustration

The perfect imagery to complement articles related to fashion, beauty, travel, culture and lifestyle. Whether it’s to support an article, illustrate a product or complement a spread, we've got you covered!


Store Windows & Murals

Add a fashion flair to your shop, cafe, boutique or hotel! Windows and murals are drawn digitally to allow modifications along the way and incorporate specific colours and logos in accordance with your brand. Then, we print the illustration on a vinyl, wallpaper or large board to bring it to life.



Hand-drawn feminine logos to support your brand. I walk you through the process from A to Z to make sure we come up with the perfect look.



Whether it’s a book cover or an entire coffee table book, give it a chic flair by adorning it with illustrations.

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Product Packaging

Beauty sets, perfume bottles, let’s create eye-catching illustrations for your product to get it flying off the shelves.

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Fashion, Beauty and Travel Campaigns

If you need beautiful imagery to support your next product campaign materials, look no further!

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Live sketching or painting

From painting on purses, notebooks and perfume bottles, to sketching portraits live using watercolour paints or digitally using an iPad and photo printer, your event is sure to be a memorable one with custom artwork involved!

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Private Commissions

The perfect gift, keepsake and memory treasurer. Custom portrait illustrations with a fashion flair!

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For all other project inquiries and price quotations, please contact me directly.