Mixed Media Illustration // Taking a Break from the Screen


For a little while now, my eyes have felt tired from looking at the screen on my iPad, but every time I go to draw or paint on paper, I can’t get anything quite as crisp as I’m used to with my beautiful Apple tool, so I’ve been testing out some different combinations of mediums from acrylic to gouache to watercolour, and I think I’ve found the perfect solution for those times when I just need a little break from the screen but still want to create good pieces of work.


Here’s what I did;

  1. Make a sketch on the iPad using the Procreate app. Making a sketch digitally allows you to modify and manipulate as needed, and then clean it up in a separate layer overtop - no messy pencil lines.

  2. Draw/colour the parts of the illustration that may be a bit harder to translate on paper. For me, I like to draw in the face (if I’m doing a full-body illustration, the face is really small on paper and is hard to get those details into). I also drew in the lines of the bicycle here, as well as her shoes and hair.

  3. Keep the sketch under your drawing but fade the layer opacity to about 40%.

  4. Print your unfinished illustration on watercolour paper, you might need to use a darker setting since the paper can soak up the ink and make it look pale.

  5. Now you can finish your illustration with whatever pleases you, and if you make a mistake, you can print and start again! I used a combination of watercolours, gouache, ink and coloured pencil to create this illustration below.

Sabina FennComment