Monday Blues // Some Thoughts and Suggestions to Enjoy Mondays Again

Yesterday’s blog post didn’t save properly and got erased, so apologies for those of you who have been keeping up daily (and thank you so much if you are!).

My post yesterday was about the “Monday Blues” as we call them. The feeling of intense pressure “starting the week off strong” after a relaxing weekend. My struggle with it is that I believe we should focus on easing into the week a bit more, allowing our relaxed selves to slowly dive into our work and increase productivity throughout the day as we wake up.

There’s obviously a lot of stigma in the western culture about working hard or the “hustle” as we call it, and sometimes I’m able to step back and realize how much more important it is for us to enjoy day to day life as opposed to being focused on making something of ourselves.

There are so many wonderful people out there who focus their lives on helping others by inspiring them to do something great, or motivate them to achieve certain goals, which are so awesome. But I think it is equally important to find peace within ourselves and within our lives. We’re not meant to be constantly doing things, we’re not meant to run on 3 hours of sleep, to eat junk food or to spend most of our time disconnected from nature.

Do you remember the last time you had a peaceful Monday? If you do, great! If you don’t, what can you do on Monday morning to ease into the day a little bit better? You don’t need to change your routine, but maybe you can treat yourself to that expensive coffee you love, or take 5 minutes to meditate before you shower, or read a chapter of your book while on your commute instead of scrolling through social media (if you don’t like to read, listen to a podcast or audiobook!).

I typically spend the weekend with the people I love most, so Monday can feel lonely sometimes when I’m not with them anymore, but I’ve found that I can love myself on Mondays. I can do all the little things I like to do in my own company, like read, put on a face mask, have a good run, stretch, draw until I’m out of ideas, play with the dog, and so on.

I’ve personally struggled with Monday mornings for a long time, mostly because I would put so much pressure on myself to “get things done” and move forward in my career. Sometimes, I still struggle with them, but I find the less resistance I have toward them, toward myself, the easier it is. The more flow I can find in what I’m doing and the better my day is.

What can you find out about the way that you’re living on Mondays? Are you enjoying the flow of life or do you find yourself in a constant state of reaction to it? Remember, you never need to make any spontaneous life-changing decisions, but you can allow yourself to feel happy, grateful and to do little things for yourself to spark those feelings.



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