24 Goals for 24


Alright, one more birthday-related post… This time, I wanted to highlight 24 goals I have for my age of 24. Whether big or small, these are goals I want to work on throughout the year. It can be quite nice to have a birthday right after New Years as it feels like a fresh start every year!

Here are my 24 goals for 24:

1. ) Become more wise about time spent on social media. I recently realized just how much time I spend online and I lose a lot of time every day planning out posts and content or getting stuck scrolling. My goal is to be more conscious of my time spent online.

2. ) Put my phone away when I’m with loved ones and other people. It goes without saying, if your phone is out while you’re around others, there’s a bit of a barrier between you and them.

3. ) Get my sleep schedule back in order. With the holidays and celebrations, my sleep cycle gets a bit out of whack in the new year. I’m hoping to get it back to normal as soon as possible! I like going to bed around 11 and waking up at 6 or 7 if I need an extra hour.

4. ) Have more of an abundance mindset. My good friend Christine talks about this in her recent blog post, and I think I need to apply it to myself as well! When I was living downtown, I felt like I was in a constant rush to get my next paycheque because I was really stressed about money and trying to save while paying an expensive rent. Now that my rent is much lower, I hope to adopt an abundance mindset and trust that things will keep working out as they always have :)

5. ) Patience. Likewise, I tend to be a bit of an impatient person and expect things to happen rapidly, but nature doesn’t rush and it gets everything done! Lack of patience only creates anxiety and frustration.

6. ) Play time! I don’t often spend a lot of time doing things that aren’t considered productive. Or, I find a way to tie it into something that is. For example, if I feel like drawing for fun, I’ll make sure the piece is good enough to sell on Etsy or post on Instagram.

7. ) Travel, even if it’s a small trip. I really believe we should all see somewhere new or foreign at least once a year. It changes our perspective of life to see how others live differently than we do. Although my boyfriend and I took a big trip to Europe in 2018, I hope to take at least a small trip at 24, especially somewhere in our beautiful country.

8. ) Practice more yoga & meditation. I get so distracted by technology and social media or waste my time shopping online that I don’t take enough time to practice yoga and meditation, things that are so crucial to good health.

9. ) More painting! Painting is such a good way for me to relax, I used to paint landscaped in high school to escape the world for a little bit and I plan on doing it some more! :)

10. ) Build another related hustle. Whether it be teaching, tutoring, a youtube channel, I’m hoping to build another branch to my business this year.

11. ) Get more into children’s illustration. There’s nothing I love more than a little touch of magic, which is so present in children’s books. I hope to explore this field more this year and illustrate a children’s book.

12. ) Meet more strangers. Networking is one of the key success factors of my business, so I plan on doing it lots more this year!

13. ) Drink more water.

14. ) Construct more of a workout routine. My routine is a bit all over the place right now…

15. ) Journal more. Writing is such a great outlet and gives me such a sense of calm.

16. ) Make my studio nicer and brighter. I think our work environments have a big impact on the quality of our work.

17. ) Buy more plants and flowers. They just bring me so much joy!

18. ) Give back more. I try to do little things on a daily basis to help others but I hope to make more of an impact this year.

19. ) Grow my Etsy shop. I absolutely LOVE having an Etsy shop. It’s so cool that people all over the world can buy my art and I love packing and shipping my work.

20. ) Better bedtime routine. I believe that the way you go to sleep is the way you wake up. If you go to bed feeling tired you wake up tired. If you go to bed prepared, relaxed and ready for the next day, you feel the same when you rise.

21. ) Read more. Books teach us so many incredible things.


22. ) Take charge of my finances. I’ve always been a bit confused about how to manage money and although I’m slowly learning, I hope to be on top of things this year with regards to taxes and investments and savings.

23. ) Smile more.

24. ) Spend less. I tend to buy little things here and there that aren’t super expensive but they do add up. I hope to live more minimally this year.

What are some of your goals this year?