When to Give Up

When you feel like you’ve given everything you have and it doesn’t return the results you hoped for, or you lose your inspiration, the thing that triggers your passion, you might feel like it’s time to give up.

You’ve given it a good try, it’s been quite some time, it happened so quickly for this person or that person. You’ve hit a wall and you’re not sure what to do now so the right answer seems to be “give up”.

DON’T give up. This is the tipping point, when all else fails, when you can’t see what the future holds, when everything feels like it’s crumbling, don’t give up.

What do you think would have happened if Steve Jobs gave up? Or Picasso? Or The Beatles? The answer is, probably nothing other than huge missed opportunities for them… but the world wouldn’t be the same it is today. Your ideas, your creativity, your skill is important for something to someone.

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When things get tough, take a detour. Explore a new option, try a new medium, seek out a new industry, a new job, a friend, do something different to trigger your inspiration again. You’d be surprised at just how resourceful you can be when you apply yourself and think outside the box. Imagine it as if you’re taking a road trip and have to take a different route than anticipated due to construction. You’ll see new things, meet new challenges and obstacles, it’ll be an adventure and it’ll spark something in you that will bring you back to life.

When things get tough, take a step back. Remember what’s really important to you, write them down. What are your 3 core values? What or who would you literally trade your life for? What is it that has made you hit a wall? Perhaps you’re chasing fame and money instead of honing into your core values.

Don’t ever give up. You’ll look back one day and thank yourself for sticking it out. Our lives unfold before us in such unique ways, trust the timing of things and allow yourself to be open to change. One day, something will click, but if you don’t enjoy the days up until then you’ll regret having spent that time worrying and almost giving up.



Sabina FennComment