Allowing yourself to explore, play and have fun as an artist

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I’ve touched upon the concept of joy, and having fun lately in my recent posts. What I’ve also come to discover lately is just how much progress you can make as an artist when you play around and have fun without the intention of making something good, so to speak.

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I discovered this recently when my style started to shift a bit, I was sitting on the couch with my friend just drawing away and I was drawing as I usually do in black and white but then I felt like playing around with colour and silhouettes. I had no intention of showing anyone that piece, since I figured it was too far fetched from my previous “style” but it turned out to be something great and something I’m really proud of.

I also mentioned in a recent post that one of the great ways to get out of a creative block is to play around with new mediums. Doing so allows you to get out of drawing habits you’ve developed and to explore new things. There’s just something about doing things that are unfamiliar to us that spark inspiration, a new perspective or a new way of thinking.

I try to allocate at least an hour every day to draw something just for fun or for a portfolio piece. As much as I love client work, it’s only personal work where you can try something new and step outside of the brief. Doing so allows me to improve my drawing skills, step outside of my comfort zone to try new things and make progress.

How do you explore and play with your artwork?



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