24 Things I'm Thankful for on my 24th Birthday

  1. Most importantly, my family and friends.

    I believe our lives are shaped by those who we love and cherish, I’m so incredibly thankful for the health of my family and friends and just how supportive they all are in every way. You guys rock!

  2. My health, fitness and wellbeing.

    I’m grateful that I have time to practice self-care and that my body allows me to exercise, breathe deep and push my limits.

  3. Space.

    I’m so thankful to have more space than I did at my condo before, so I can invite people into my space, spread out my work to feel inspired, cook a good meal and work in different areas to refresh my mind throughout the day.

  4. Tranquility.

    I never had much tranquility while living downtown, yet I endlessly searched for it. I would walk for hours on end to find a quiet area so I could breathe and be peaceful. At home now, I find so many moments of peace and quiet. It has helped the anxiety within me to vanish almost completely.

  5. That I didn’t wait to start my career the way I wanted to.

    I hear so many stories of people who worked at offices when what they really wanted to do was pushed aside and they only come to it years later with regret of not starting sooner. I have a drive in me that kicked in early and pushed myself to start my career as soon as I could, before I left university. It made all the difference to start as early as possible and I’m so grateful I did.

  6. The failures I’ve had

    There’s important lessons in all failures, and some of the most successful people say that you fail your way to success. There’s a reason why! Failures are critical to growth and development. Every time I have failed I grow stronger, more resilient and wiser.

  7. Not quitting when I do fail

    Older people like to say that our generation are easy quitters. I’m just not sure I believe them. It’s important to have grit in any type of business and know that when things get tough, they’ll get better again, that’s the flow of life.

  8. My pets

    I’m an animal lover at heart, and having them in your home makes a home so much more.. well.. home-y. My little bunny Nala has been with me for nearly 2 years now, and has kept me company while I work and puts a smile on my face when she hops around like a goofball. Our lab Bella is the greatest companion, we go for walks together, eat together, take naps together.. I could go on! I think pets are a great solution for people who work from home as it can sometimes get lonely and having them around makes it feel much less lonely.

  9. The books I’ve read

    I truly believe that books are life changing. Every book I’ve read has in some way altered my perspective of life or improved it significantly. I tend to read soul developing books or more commonly known as “self-help”. Right now, I am reading A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle and it’s absolutely incredible the impact it is having on my life at the moment.

  10. My plants

    As a girl who grew up camping and hiking, being near nature is so important to my happiness. I love having plants around my apartment, not only are they super healthy and help clean the air, they make you feel more grounded and alive.

  11. Canadian winters

    This one might seem a little surprising, even to me. I long dreamt about moving to a beach and enjoying a life more full of sunshine, and I still do. But there’s something about the snow here in Canada that makes us want to wrap up with a big blanket, a cup of tea and read for the afternoon or cuddle up with those we love. It’s such a cozy season and the more I appreciate it the more I find beauty in it. Last night, I went for a night-time walk with Bella and the snow was just beaming sparkles under the streetlights. It’s the little things that make life so beautiful, isn’t it?

  12. Blogging!

    I’m so grateful that I am able to blog and share some thoughts with you all. The internet is such an incredible place and I love to write about little things that inspire me or that I think might be helpful to someone else.

  13. Having time to enjoy life

    We always see so many people rushing through their daily lives, and I’ll admit I have done so as well and sometimes catch myself doing that again. I’m grateful that I can plan my days appropriately so I can take time to enjoy little things that I love throughout the day. Whether it’s a lunch-time yoga session, a phone call with someone I love, it’s those little things that help me enjoy life so much.

  14. My JOB!

    Sometimes I stop and think of how incredible it is that I get to do something I absolutely adore on a day to day basis and make a living from it. Other times I feel like I am in over my head, but we’ll talk about that another time… I just hope I can help others achieve the same throughout the course of my career.

  15. Coffee

    Do you ever take a sip of your coffee and without even thinking just take a moment of silence, like everything around you slows down a little bit and you feel so present to the taste of the coffee and the warmth it brings you? Cause I do.

  16. Mentors

    I feel SO lucky to have so many incredible mentors in my life, people I can go to for help, advice or a good laugh! I think mentors are critical to the success of your career, it’s important to have people who can give you a little push or a little guidance when you need it.

  17. Sunrise

    One of the most magical times of the day, I love getting up before sunrise and waking up with the sun.

  18. Yoga

    Yoga is a practice that I come in and out of quite a bit, but it’s always there for me when I really need it or when I just want a few moments of reflection to be with my body.

  19. Strangers

    Everyday we connect with strangers one way or another, whether someone gives you a smile or holds the door open for you, strangers around us everyday have an impact on our day to day life. Something we learned in a self development program I did was to stop seeing strangers as cardboard cutouts and recognize them as real people with real experiences and families around them. Everyone has a story.

  20. Having an open heart

    Many people are often closed off and don’t allow themselves to open up to others. They can sometimes live in a world of doubt, anger, frustration and resentment toward others. I’m grateful to have been able to open up my heart to welcome new people into my life and see others as equal to myself. I don’t hold myself on a pedestal above others or think I’m below them either, no matter who they are. We’re all equal and we all just want to be loved.

  21. Birthdays!

    Birthdays are such an exciting time but they’re also a time when you can reflect on what getting older really means. Life is fragile and it’s important to take time to appreciate all the little moments you have everyday. It’s important to live intentionally.

  22. My iPad (& Apple Pencil)

    My iPad is pretty much the basis for all my work. I draw on my iPad, send invoices, emails and messages. It’s the foundation of my business in a sense and I’m grateful that I have access to the technology.

  23. Music

    I love finding new music and listening to music while I work. It really helps me get in the zone and focus.

  24. YOU!

    Last but not least, I’m so grateful for all of you! For reading these posts, following along my work or becoming clients of mine. You all make everything possible and I hope I can give back in small ways to all of you.

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