How to get out of a creative block

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Perhaps it’s the winter blues, but as of lately I have been feeling a little bit lost, a little less motivated and a little less inspired. I have been drawing lots of tropical scenery, so that’s why I’m blaming it on winter… but either way, I think we can pull ourselves out of creative blocks just as easily as we seem to fall into one.

Here are some ways you can get rid of that creative block so you can get back to doing what you love and feeling inspired while doing it.

  1. Change up your space.
    I really believe that our environment affects our creativity, if your space doesn’t feel inspiring to you, change it up a bit! Get some flowers, move your furniture around, put up some cute prints *hint hint check out my Etsy shop hint hint*. For me right now, I live in a basement apartment and I don’t get that much light in here, so I’ve been decorating with mirrors and shiny things to make the light bounce around the room. I’ve also added plants and some additional lighting like twinkly lights to make it feel just a little bit brighter and more lively in here.

  2. Get your routine in check.
    Personally, if my life routine is off track, so is my creativity. Our bodies like routine and it’s best to stick with it when you can. If you’re not getting enough sleep, make that your priority for the next week. If you haven’t been eating well, pick a few new recipes to try.

  3. Try a different medium.
    Whenever I’m feeling stuck, I make lots of sketches by hand and paint anything that comes to mind with gouache. It feels like a bit of a release for me, and it makes me appreciate digital illustration again.

  4. Take a break.
    This is a given, but taking a step back from your work allows your mind to wander a bit and gives yourself some freedom to relax. Come back refreshed and full of new ideas.

  5. Get outside.
    Visit a local coffee shop, museum, greenhouse, anywhere that could spark some inspiration for you. If you can afford it, take a short trip to somewhere new and do some sight seeing.

  6. Go to a book store.
    This is one of my favourite things to do. I love going to book stores and finding books by other illustrators or just looking around in magazines and random book covers. I always get a little spark of inspiration.

  7. Find inspiration in unusual places.
    Where do you usually look for inspiration? Maybe you can find inspiration from something completely new and foreign to you such as interior design or architecture, culture or food.

  8. Ask for help
    Do you have other illustrator/artist friends? Ask them how they get out of a creative block

Creative blocks are so common and they’re nothing to get panicked about. I actually believe that the less you stress about them, the quicker they will pass you by. So relax and do something you can enjoy!



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