Ah, Vintage Posters and New Illustrations

I seriously don't know what it is about them but I adore them. Maybe it's just because we don't see as many illustrated posters anymore so they have to be vintage? I think it's more the essence they portray. The fashion, the idealism at of the time period, it all comes together so nicely and I often notice that many of the elements depicted are still current today.

As usual, I drew this illustration using my iPad Pro and the Procreate app as well as my Apple Pencil. I have tried several different options over the years but the precision offered by the Apple pencil is like none-other. Using a layering technique, I created a rough sketch, then drew overtop of the sketch using a studio pen. Then I go back under the pen layer and colour it in, layering shadows and highlights on the colours. 

For the background I used a soft airbrush pencil to lay out the colours - blue, yellow, orange and white, and then used a charcoal textured mixer brush to create a unique blending effect. I then created a subtle white airbrushed border around the illustration for more of a dream-like effect. 


I am so grateful to have the tools today to create drawings like these and I hope one day Apple comes out with an even larger iPad for artists!