Sabina Fenn

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With a background in Fashion from Ryerson University’s Fashion Communications program, Sabina graduated with a Bachelor of Design in April of 2017. She has been fortunate to work with companies such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Cartier, Town Shoes, and Toronto Men's & Women's Fashion week since then. Sabina creates timeless illustrations catered specifically to each company.

In December of 2017, Sabina saw an increase in demand for her illustrations and took the plunge into her full-time career as an artist & illustrator. She hasn’t looked back since!

In April of 2018, Sabina became represented by Three in a Box illustration.

One of her main sources of inspiration are from the greatest fashion illustrators of all time such as René Gruau and David Downton. She loves to combine modern elements with a vintage flair for the ultimate timeless pieces.

Sabina uses an iPad for most of her work, and she often explores different brush techniques to add a subtle textured look along with her recognizable weighted line-work to emphasize certain areas of an illustration.

To inquire about Sabina’s work, please visit the contact page.