Since the start of the worldwide COVID-19 lockdown, I've been receiving numerous photos and messages from instagram followers showing me their lovely paintings and creations they have been making to stay busy.
Art is so therapeutic, it helps you escape reality for a little while, like a mental vacation. Of course, I'm a little bias, but I think the benefits of making art are often overlooked. 
With that said, here are some fun ways to stay happy and creative during your quarantine:
1. Colouring!
There are so many illustrators out there right now offering free print-at-home colouring pages. This is such a great and mindless activity that isn't anything new, but can be especially helpful during this time. I'm also offering some free colouring pages in my store which you can download for free!
If you don't have a printer, try this fun exercise: scribble one solid black line all over the page, overlapping it at every corner.  Then add some smaller patterns to each blank spot. Then colour in all the white areas and you'll be left with a lovely abstract and colourful piece! You could also find any photos in your home, and tape them to a window while placing a blank sheet of paper overtop and trace the photo with a black outline. Ta-da!
2. Try a fun watercolour tutorial
Thanks to sites like Youtube and Skillshare, you can follow along some easy watercolour tutorials (including one of mine!: 
Grab whatever supplies you have and get painting! Don't be hard on yourself, you're not trying to create a masterpiece, just enjoy watching where the paint flows and enjoy the process :)
3. Go on a scavenger hunt, then sketch your findings!
This is actually something I've been wanting to do and will likely do this weekend! Go take a walk around your neighbourhood (if it's safe for you to do so) and take some pictures of little things that catch your eye. I encourage you not to pick things up for obvious reasons, but takes some photos with your phone getting some different angles.
These could be anything from little flowers, interesting leaves, coins, trees, signs, anything that catches your eye along the way. When you get home, grab a sketchbook and sketch your findings, this could be abstract or you could shape it into a map of your walk - get creative!

some interesting leaves I found

the first sight of some spring blooms in the park!

4. Paint an accent wall
If you have some paint lying around, you could paint a fun accent wall in your home (with permission from your landlord!). Check out this accent wall I painted in my studio awhile back: 
If you don't have permission from your landlord to do this, you could go grab a few canvases at your local craft or dollar store (or just use wood panels!), and paint a fun pattern on them like the one above. Easy decor!
5. Paint or draw a still life
Grab 3-4 items in your home that you love, and arrange them in a pleasing way. Then grab your sketchbook or watercolours and capture them as best you can! Don't worry about being realistic, just capture what you love most about them. Maybe you highlight a pattern or detail on them, or you experiment with using just one colour for the whole painting. See how many ways you can interpret the still life aside from portraying it in a realistic way. This is a great and fun exercise that really gets your creative brain pumping!

a recent still life painting

a drawing of my studio with some flowers!

The great thing about creativity is that the more you're creative, the easier it is to be creative! Getting started is the hardest part, but you'll find that the more you let go of trying to make something good and just focus on having fun, the better the outcome will be. 
Enjoy, stay home! :)


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